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A traditional Greek Taverna is most usually found on the tucked away streets of Greece, where the food is authentic, the people vicarious and the meal memorable.   Yianni's Taverna is a tribute to the traditional style of Greek cuisine from our childhood, and we exemplify the fresh simple flavors and wholesome cooking of Greece.  We offer modern interpretations of traditional and classic Greek cooking,  Our menu changes seasonally and always offers a selection of seafood, whole fish and vegetarian options in addition to the more traditional Greek dishes.

Our Philosophy - Freshness, Quality and Simplicity

The story of Gus's Crossroads started back in 1975, when Gus and Eleni bought this historical restaurant, which dates back to 1871. With their two young children, Maria and John, as well as Eleni's mom cooking in the kitchen, it was a true family owned and operated restaurant and a success in the making.

Thirty-five years later, Gus and Eleni are still on the cutting edge of restaurants in the Lehigh Valley. With a recent, 'face - lift', to the ever present Gus' Crossroads icon, they are heading in a new direction: the area's first True Greek Taverna.

Gus and Eleni often talk about being at a Taverna in Greece, where they would end their day and share a meal with family and friends. But their hearts and lives are here, with their children and five grandchildren, so they decided to bring a piece Greece to the rest of us, with Yianni's Taverna, an authentic Greek family restaurant.

Why Yianni's you may ask? Greek Tradition. Yianni is Gus's father's name as well as his son's name. As the name is passed down through the generations, Yianni's Taverna may again one day be Gus's as there are already two namesakes in the family!

We hope you enjoy our Taverna and will help us bring the feeling and spirit of Greece to the Lehigh Valley.

Sincerely, Maria & Melissa